The History of Archery

It is known that sharp points on spears and darts were in use during the early ages in history, as dated in the Middle Paleolithic period, which was dated as 100,000 to 45,000 years ago. Eventually a bow was found to be more efficient as opposed to just throwing a spear, as the bow allowed a more efficient way to project a pointed projectile as opposed to throwing it.

The bow and arrow became a prime tool for hunting for wild game for food, as well as a primary weapon of war. It was discovered too, that the application of feathers at the back end of the projectile, or arrow was significant in helping to guide the arrow more effectively to its target.

Archery became an important part of any military operation because it allowed an efficient and devastating effect upon an enemy from afar. It was especially effective against opposing forces who were not wearing any armor, and a massive archery attack often carried the day, as opposing forces had no protection against a a massive volley of arrows.

An arrow, typically was made from a lighter wood such as pine and shaped into a straight, rounded shaft approximately from 3 to 5 feet long with feathers placed equally apart on the rear end of the shaft. The feathers were fixed in an outward position to right the arrow as the air pushed against them as it flew. There was a notch cut into the rear of the arrow so it would fit into the string of the bow for launching.

Civilizations such as the Persians, Indians, Parthians, Koreans, Chinese, and the Japanese used archery in their armies in large numbers, as they were used against enemies in battle. Huge numbers of massed archery formations had little competition from an enemy, unless they too, used archery in similar numbers.

The Egyptians used archery in advance warfare along with their shock troops of chariots, who also had archery capabilities. The Babylonians and the Assyrians used archery in an extensive manner, as there are many Old Testament references in the Bible as to their prowess.

The Native American history saga depicts extensive use of the bow and arrow as a major weapon of warfare as well as one of the primary hunting tools use to procure food.

Just about every civilization in history has used some form of archery as a main military weapon as well as a tool for hunting. Archery has a long history in that regard, as well as a form of sport among the different societies as well.

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