Challenging And Fun – Two Of The Best Things About Archery

If you are interested in learning archery, you have several options. Archery involves a sport where a person shoots at some type of target. The person uses bows and arrows to hit the target. Archery is a great deal of fun, providing challenging sport for anyone, beginner to competitor. Archery also provides a great workout for your upper body and even aerobic exercise if you are shooting longer ranges. There are several types of archery, all involving archery targets. These are field archery, target archery, traditional archery, 3D archery, and bowhunting.

Field Archery

Field archery involves shooting at targets set up on a course which passes through a typically wooded, target course. Field archery is a great sport for those who love nature and hiking through the outdoors.

Target Archery

This is the type of archery you will generally see in the Olympic Games. The competition involves archers shooting at multicolored, bullseye-style archery targets. The courses are set up with targets at 18 meters for indoor competitions and between thirty and ninety meters for outdoor competitions.

Target archery is probably the most popular type of archery and is a great sport for those who love to be outdoors. Archery can be learned by almost anyone. There is no need for a great deal of athleticism or to buy expensive equipment. It does take consistent practice to improve and if an archer desires it, they can compete and move up through the ranks and shoot at different levels.

Traditional Archery

When it comes to traditional archery, it can mean different things depending upon who is talking. For some individuals, traditional archery means shooting a longbow or a recurve bow. The bow will usually not have stabilizers, sights, or other types of tuning equipment. Some traditional archers use string made from synthetics and carbon arrows while others believe the only way to partake in traditional archery is to shoot arrows and bows constructed only from natural materials such as horn, wood, and bird feathers.

3D Archery

During a 3D archery event, competitors walk an outdoor, open or wooded course and shoot at archery targets which are three-dimensional. These targets are often in the shape of animals and made from foam. The targets are set at various distances.


Hunters have been using the bow and arrow for centuries and today, bowhunting is very popular. Modern bowhunters hunt with everything from a traditional long bow to a modern compound bow.

Archery is a great sport, no matter what your interest. It does take practice but provides great exercise and opportunities for fresh air.

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